Creation-oriented method

Kriszta Bódis uses creation as a tool for the integration and social advancement of the marginalized and excluded groups.

One of the major originalities of the settlement program at Hétes, was the development of the creation-oriented method. The settlement work started with fulfilling the highest steps of the hierarchy of needs.  Later, already familiar with local conditions and preserving the need for creation, a complex program was developed to serve the multilevel development of the settlement.

The basic principle of the creation-oriented method is the change of perspective regarding creation: the right for creation is a fundamental human right which has to be provided for everyone.

The experience of creation could be such a reinforcing, positive experience, which develops both the sense of autonomy as well as the sense of belonging. There is an ongoing development of a creation-oriented curriculum, within our educational program, which means the working-out and application of literacy based, creation-oriented sessions.

"You hand over the camera to another person and put them into a creative position. Those who create, create value. And those who create value also protect it and protect values created by others as well. They are freed and released. The freedom of “I” emerges. Creative situations dissolve tension and frees the creative mind. This experience helps the “I”, to return to its determination, filled with productive energy."