The direct aim is the creation of a piece of art.

The project is not simply about creating the work of art.

The Valovi-rap was born within the creation-oriented program of Bódis Kriszta in the Creative Centre in 2011.

It was done within a cross-cultural creative project, which started with Judit Marjai sending the lyrics of Imre Stein Szabo to Kriszta Bódis. Then she envisaged how wonderful it would be to make a video clip for the song together with the Roma youngsters attending her Film and Media Workshop. On the next session, Kriszta introduced the lyrics and Stein Szabó himself to the group. Everyone became excited about the idea of making a clip.

The film and media sessions took a new turn and the following sessions concentrated on the realization of the task. They started to talk about the operation and effects of media and the reality shows and soon poems were created about the real world of Borsod.

At this point the team was still missing a composer mentor. Then, Kriszta approached the Akkezdet Phiai hip-hop trio, who were happy to join in and only a couple of occasions later the musical base of the Valovi rap was born. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Péter Závada, the team has included new refrain and lines to the original lyrics and added many ideas to the performance. Thus the final version was born and the lyrics were assigned to performers. It was obvious that the local singing talent of Rajmund Váradi (Körte, 22) would play a part. Moreover, the song and the clip was built on the strong personality of Regina Seres (16), the rhythmic and dancing talent of Márk Radics (Májki, 13), the voice of Attila Seres (18) and the creativity of Kristóf Dömötör (13).

Then, with the entire 'ensemble' and other local kids, it took Kriszta three days to shoot the video clip. There was no need for a green box, or to enhance the scenery because reality proved to be more powerful than any fabricated show. The rest of the film and media workshop also took part in the preparation. Pál Berki (Kopi), Inez Seres (Inci), Gergely Váradi (Fogasa), Erik Matovics (Mató) Zsanett Botos and many others from Hétes supported the project. This even enabled the opposing groups to cooperate for a while. This program was realized purely on a voluntary basis; each author waived his or her copyright for the program.

The Valovi rap won the Global Block prize of the Plural Plus video festival and has reached 70,000 viewers within the first week.