In the settlements of Ozd close to 3900 children live with a disadvantaged background, are mostly Roma, attend segregated primary schools; 86% of them are children at risk.

The pedagogues from all schools have selected 150 students from the total potential of 3900 students with outstanding skills and abilities to be involved in the educational program of the You Belong! Foundation.

Among the selected 150 pupils, 125 children and their families signed up for participation and have undertaken the Talent Research Test.

And 77 among the 125 applicants have been further selected to become members of the You Belong! Stúdió.

The program also involves the students’ families, representing thus altogether more than 300 people.

The program involves 14 out of the 16 segregated Ózd communities.

Though not directly, we’ve reached approximately 600 people.

Our foundation has more than 150 registered volunteers. About 20 of them hold creative work sessions each week in the You Belong! Stúdió.

Another 30 volunteers can be mobilized at any time to actively join programs if needed.

Another 100 volunteers can be involved in long term voluntary programs, i.e. they have already participated in some of our projects.

More than 120 artists, scientists and famous people have participated in our programs so far.

Through our web site and blog we can reach nearly 3000 people.

During the first eight months of our educational program, 12 of the students, who applied to continue their education, have successfully completed their secondary school studies and have been awarded their graduation certificates.

Most of the students involved in the studio's program demonstrate a permanently improving trend, which is measured through the IT system.

The average participation in the initiatives and events of the You Belong! Stúdió is 96%.