Our playroom is full of toys. Teddy bears, dolls, books, building blocks and cars are lined up on the shelves. Pencils, watercolors, crayons and paper beckons the eagers hands to create. But still "it would be so great to go, to go somewhere. We're always at home. Or at the preschool... But for real..."

After the above thoughts were stated by several of our little VH Familia Studio pupils, we decided to embark on a journey. Since we have everything we need: good weather, good mood and the most important: the desire for new experiences and to have fun. So we conquered the "grown-ups"' white minivan (we deserve it, since we are "grown-ups" too already) and left behind the rooms of the VH Familia Studio. First, we visited the "real" playhouse operating in the city, where they have an inflatable bouncy castle, slides, monkey bars and a quad too :)

After we jumped and run around until our legs gave out, we sat back in the minivan and went to brunch to the youth park next to the boating lake. The irregular playhouse deserves an irregular brunch: we ate waffles together in the park and laughed a lot when one of us got whipped cream on their nose.

On our way home, we were so tired that we almost fell asleep on the road. At night, everyone joyfully recounted their experiences to their families and of course, we made a promise that we would go on more bus trips in the future. :)