Cooperation with the schools

Cooperation with the schools and with the teachers of the children, where the schools agreed to support the work of the organization was as follows:

The schools agreed to provide the possibility for the colleagues of the organization to attend parent meetings and office hours. 

They also agreed to provide information about the grades and behaviour of the children on a monthly basis. 

In case of any problems concerning a child attending our program, the school will inform the Foundation. 

The Foundation will provide information regularly about the areas of development of the students and the suggestions for compensating their disadvantages. 

The Foundation will agree to adapt its schedule to the school timetable.

The Foundation will provide the possibility for the school teachers to get an insight into the work of the Stúdió, as well as to take part in sessions and events.

Finally, within its capabilities, the Foundation will occasionally support the schools with donations and take on a sensitizing, mediating role with the accepting institutions to ensure a smooth integration process.