Extracurricular education service

Patrónus team

The socially qualified ‘patronuses’ believe that through experiencing the process of creativity and value-creation, people are encouraged towards development; change and is a tool for learning. Thus, they take active part in the education and the creation-oriented sessions. They are committed to assist the families and children to receive the individually adjusted care needed for their development, therefore they deal with every child individually (maximum 15 children per ‘patronus’).

They monitor the school improvement and the Stúdió activity of the children as well as the status of their families. They also prepare personal developmental plans for the children. Finally, in case of any upcoming problems affecting school achievement, they intervene and organize the required support. In addition, they cooperate with every actor who affects the childrens’ development.


Education case management happens in the Stúdió, at the local school and later at the accepting high-school as well. ‘Patronuses’ have to follow the school development of the children, they have to record their grades into the IT system, write mentor reports and keep in contact with the teachers and the class teacher.

Social case management is the social work done within the living communities of our pupils involving as well as also caring for and keeping in touch with their families.

Assisting the pupils at the VH Stúdió's sessions and at other programs, as well as helping them in writing their homework and in their daily studying.

Leading a group of 10-12 children.

Teachers' team

The mostly professional teachers enter the program after a long admission and eligibility procedure.


Teachers teach subjects in small group sessions with reflective and modern methods; we also encourage the use of the creation-oriented educational method. Moreover, they help with homework and with the daily school work and also do tutoring in case its needed. This work is being constantly recorded in the IT system; teachers evaluate their own and their pupils' work; their personal developmental plans are made according with the developmental suggestions of the ‘patronuses’. They have current information about every student due to the person-centred educational approach, which enables their teaching success.

Volunteer team

This is a team of professionals (doctors, sports’ persons, artists etc.) that can be involved in any of our programs. It is a well-organized group that can be activated any time on a weekly basis.


Volunteers join the structured work, apply the creation-oriented method at sessions they lead. Additionally, they join specific programs as helpers, group leaders, project leaders, performers etc.