IT system

The IT system we have developed is a task supporting, follow-up and monitoring system.

The users of the system are the ‘patronuses’, the teachers, the social workers, the leaders of creative projects and the volunteers. 

Those professionally qualified have targeted access to information of the students and of each others’ work.

The program contains: information about the children, data about the colleagues and volunteers, the psychological and cognitive profile, the developmental plans and the Core Assessment of the children as well as the information and signals received from the schools (all the school grades and the numbers and reasons for absences are recorded weekly).

Every day, following every session group registers are recorded along predetermined questions. In addition, personal registers are recorded on a weekly basis of each student. The group registers include the themes and the evaluation of the sessions; also the ‘patronus’ registers about the development of the children, the process of the creative projects and finally the planned and actually implemented classes. The personal developmental plans contain the results of our own placement tests. The IT system enables the crew to communicate efficiently, to signal tasks and necessities, thus ensuring effective teamwork.

The data in the system can be filtered, which enables it to be used in researches. The data reveals development, stagnation or regression immediately, thus making the concept and methodology instantly correctable. Through analysing the group registers, the causes of the errors and results can be pointed out.

 The IT system has a great impact on the efficient development of the entire program and the perfection of our methodology.

The system can be expanded and converted along with the services and according our needs. Today, this is an extraordinary system in Hungary.